Sample B1 Exam Videos & Topics

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You must pass a Secure English Language Test (SELT) in at least CEFR level B1 in Speaking and Listening for:

    • Indefinite Leave to Remain (to settle) or British Citizenship 
    • As B1 is Higher than A2 or A1 Level, you can also use it for Spouse and Spouse Extension

Trinity’s GESE Grade 5 exam = CEFR B1.


Prepare for your GESE Grade 5 exam

The exam is 10 minutes long. There are two parts:

  • Topic: You choose a topic to prepare in advance of the test, for discussion with the examiner.  You must complete a Topic Form in advance and bring it with you to the exam.
  • Conversation: You have a short conversation with the examiner about two subject areas chosen by the examiner.


How to fill Topic Form 1 - You can Choose Any Topic you Want:



Part 1 – Your Chosen Topic

(You can choose any topic and prepare from home. You have to prepare 5 points from your topic)

Sample Chosen Topic: My Country

(DOWNLOAD GESE Grade 5 topic form to fill in)
1. Weather
2. People
3. Food
4. UK and My Country
5. Friends/Relatives

*You have to talk for 3-5 mins on your chosen topic
*You MUST have to ask at least 1 Question
*Try to ask 2-3 Question



Part 2 – Examiner will choose any 2 Topics out of these 6

(Examiner's Choice - Examiner will ask and you need to answer and you should also ask questions in between)

1. Festivals: Christmas, Your Own Festivals in your Country or something similar
2. Means of Transport: Bus, Train, Car or something similar
3. Special Occasions: Wedding, Birthday or something similar
4. Entertainment: Free Time, Sports, Games or something similar
5. Music: What kind of music do you listen or something similar
6. Recent Personal Experiences: First day in UK, Last Weekend, Holiday or something similar

* You have to talk 5-7 mins on Part 2
* Make a conversation with the Examiner
* Explain your points and also feel free to ask the same topic to the Examiner
* Try to ask at least 2-3 questions
* If confused or do not have idea about the topic, you must tell the Examiner to explain so that you
can have a better idea about his chosen topic



Results and certificates

After the test you will receive an exam report form with your provisional result (Pass or Fail) - see examples of exam report forms below.

Candidates in the UK can usually expect to receive their Trinity SELT certificate within 7 days.