B1 Exam in Glasgow

B1 CEFR / GESE Grade 5 English Exam

Book your CEFR B1 English Test today. The B1 Exam is suitable for British Settlement/Naturalisation/Spouse/Spouse Visa Extension Applications.

In order to meet Home Office's criteria, you must have to take your B1 English Exam in one of the 10 Home Office Authorised TRINITY SELT Centre.

If you live in Glasgow/Edinburgh/Aberdeen/Dundee/Perth or any parts in Scotland, the nearest centre is in GLASGOW.

A2 CEFR / GESE Grade 3 English Exam

Book your CEFR A2 English Test today in Glasgow. The A2 Exam is suitable for Spouse Visa Extension Application Only.

CEFR = The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

GESE = Graded Examination in Spoken English

SELT = Secure English Language Test

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