Web Design Course

Who is it for?
Anyone who has an interest to become a Web Designer and would like to either work for himself or work for a company. Previous Experience is not Required to join in this course.
How Can we Help
We will teach you like no University or College will ever do. You teach you straight to the Real World's Standard, not like all the University or College does. University will only teach you how to get to the point and discuss with the clients and even if your "Project" is not good enough for the Real World, still you can pass your exam. But you can not be accepted like that in the REAL WEB DESIGN WORLD.

    • Training on Dreamweaver
    • Training on Photoshop
    • If you are good, we can Employ you 
    • You are always welcome to work as a Volunteer to gain your Work Experience
How does it work
THIS IS A NON-ACCREDITED Course but you will learn the proper techniques of how to make a website for the Real Clients:

  • Come to our Centre for Enrolment
  • Come at least Once a Week to our Centre
  • You can Study/Work from Home
  • You need to have a DESKTOP / LAPTOP with Internet Connection
Web Design Course : £1000 for 6 Months
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